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3D Wall Floor and Tile Generator

Just released is a brand new 3D tool for creating walls, floors, tiles and more. It is called 3D Wall Builder and is a solution to a problem many artists and game designers face–repetitive wall patterns Getting an artist to design or acquiring a great looking wall texture usually comes with just one or at best a couple of texture maps with that design, which results in a repetitive look throughout the areas that texture is used. Too many games use the same wall texture over and over, in a 3D world that means if you are in a hallway and look at the wall to the left, it looks exactly like the wall to your right.  Where is the uniqueness, the sense of realism?

Using 3D Wall Builder artists and designers can now create a template design for walls, floors and ceiling and generate new unique versions to be used.

The program is free to download and use, see the product details here at 3D Wall Builder.